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Fault or Condition Codes…Start Your Year Off Smarter by Getting MAPconnected

Battling with incorrect defect codes?

Start off your year smarter by getting MAPconnected and benefiting from our
newly launched customized benchmarking survey services!
Utilize our vast network of your direct peers to get your answers.

Are you alone battling with incorrect use of fault or condition codes?
Find out now by taking our first survey.

This survey has been individually designed for a MAPconnected member company to help them
obtain feedback on how other companies are:

Equipping Dealership personnel to provide correct defect code
Reducing incorrect claim coding with Authorized Service Providers
Simplifying the defect code selection process for technicians/warranty personnel

All answers remain strictly confidential and those whom participate will receive a copy of the compiled results utilizing MAPconnected’s GIVE and TAKE premise.
Feel free to share this survey with your Technical Services & Warranty Operations/Administration team if they would be best suited!

We’d Love Your Feedback!
Participants will receive a copy of the compiled results utilizing
MAPconnected’s GIVE and TAKE premise.

Let the MAPconnected Member Network Broaden Your Reach To Warranty, Aftersales & Aftercare Executives


Direct access to Warranty Chain, Engineering, Technical Services, Customer Care, Aftersales and Aftercare Executives


Establish a thought leadership position in the industry


Gain firsthand knowledge to leverage OEM, Parts Manufacturers and Dealer driven topics and agendas


Test/demo new ideas for automotive technologies


Communicate 24/7 with your targeted audience and at the Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit


Grow strategic relationships with alliance partners

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Learn all about 2nd annual VehicleService and Warranty Lifecycle Summit 2022

Start Off The Year Smarter By Being MAPconnected!

Do you know where your Service & Warranty peers are benchmarking their Lifecycle processes?
MAPconnected helps you secure those references. Join us and immediately start to benefit from industry insights. Check out our next 4 scheduled events!

January 24: Providing Early Claim and Warranty Data To Stakeholders Before The Claim Is Officially Paid

February 15: Good Versus Bad Claims Quality Scoring

March 21: Turning Warranty Data Into a Continuous Improvement Tool

April 19: Warranty Costs Related To Serviceable and Non-Serviceable Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

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