Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

About the Speaker

Extended Warranty & Service Contract Consulting

Mr. Bell, has over 35 years of experience in the Aftermarket and OEM automobile industry including aftersales, warranty, vehicle service contracts, and certified pre-owned. A strong believer in the value that cross-industry knowledge brings as an essential criterion for success as organizations become more global in their reach. Doug’s vision and tenacity helped to transform Nissan Extended Services into a full-service provider utilizing SaaS to make a full business transformation from 100% paper contracts. Doug’s hands-on leadership experience in operations, sales & marketing, product development, pricing, policy administration, risk management, reinsurance, affinity insurance and direct sales programs led him to found Service Contracting Consulting in Jan’20 (post-Nissan) to assist TPAs and OEMs with their business transformation utilizing PCRS a leading SaaS provider to the warranty and service contract industry. Doug holds an BS degree in Marketing & Economics and a MBA from Babson College, Wellesley Massachusetts.

About the Session

The Good, Bad & Ugly: Outsourcing versus Insourcing the Extended Warranty Process and Claims Management

Every business industry is under tremendous pressure on whether to handle the tasks in-house or outsource or go for a hybrid approach. This session will include individual customer warranty journey short presentations and will identify certain elements they chose to insource versus outsource and the reasons why. After the individual presentations, Mark will engage the speakers and audience in a round robin of Q&A.

Mark Nagelvoort, President and CEO – PCMI

Andrew Peterson, Financial Products Manager – Polaris

Doug Bell, Principal – Extended Warranty & Service Contract Consulting

Gregory Myers, Executive Managing Director – Beecher Carlson