Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

About the Speaker

Global Warranty Systems Manager
Ford Motor Company

Eric Gillanders is the Global Warranty Systems Manager at Ford Motor Company since Oct 2017. Eric has excelled in a diverse 23-year career at Ford Motor Company through various positions such as OWS Global Business Process Manager, Upstream Customer Service Program Manager, Technical Support Operations Manager and Dealer Operations Manager.

Even before joining Ford Motor Company, Eric’s first jobs were associated to Ford as Technician at Raceway Ford and Ford ASSET  Instructor at Riverside Community College. Eric holds Master’s degrees in Business Administration from Webster University and a Bachelor’s degree from California State University in Education and Instructional Technology.

About the Session

Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates & Maintenance

• Categorizing warranty repair/patches/bug fixes or recall
• Who pays for them?
• Is it a trackable warranty repair? Does it count as a Lemon Law countable repair?
• Reporting best practices
• Security concerns/global complexities
• Protecting driver’s privacy preferences