Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

About the Speaker

Founder & Chief Intelligence Officer
JPSI Warranty Strategy & Intelligence

Jason is a career Warranty Professional, having spent 20 years working within the automotive, heavy industrial, and aerospace industries. He believes that warranty administration within all companies should be a predictive and proactive function, working alongside every part of the company in order to build quality products, while reducing the risk of repair, customer dissatisfaction and high warranty costs. Jason has led or been part of various warranty industry councils and thinktanks, including AIAG, JAPIA, CLEPA Warranty Working Group, ENG, FieldTaskOne, and twelve years with the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) Warranty Management Council…having spent 2013-2020 as the Chairman of their WMC Board of Governors. In 2020, Jason launched his own warranty centric consulting firm (JPSI Warranty Strategy & Intelligence) and now works with suppliers and OEMs to achieve truly proactive warranty systems. When he is not navigating the nuances of the warranty world, Jason is an avid traveler, golfer, artist and the proud new father of a baby girl born in October 2020.

About the Session

Optimizing Quality Management Between Stakeholders To Reduce Warranty Risk & Costs

  • Knowledge capture and sharing approaches to enable real-time access to other teams such as Product management, Sales, Service…
  • Moving from segmented to integrated warranty processes to reduce costs of repair
  • Increasing collaboration and sharing between OEMs, Suppliers, Contract Manufacturers and Dealers to improve processes
  • Sharing responsibility for potential product liability, warranty and recall claims
  • Quality differentiation for competitive advantage