Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

About the Speaker

Manager, Warranty Cost Management and Claim Administration
Audi of America

Lauren Wehrly is the Warranty Manager of Cost Management and Claim Administration at Audi of America. She has worked for Audi for over 15 years holding various roles within the company. Lauren started out taking phone calls from dealerships and answering basic warranty questions. She traveled throughout the country training dealerships on newly released Warranty systems. From the start Lauren has thrived on challenges and looks forward to learning new business processes.

It has always been a goal of Lauren’s to challenge herself and learn new areas of the business and she’s been doing just that since day one. Once she completed training the dealers she returned to the office and worked on systems support where she was responsible for the Warranty Website, Policies and Procedures, and Warranty Training. In 2018 Lauren assumed her current position and has been focused on learning more every day while leading a team of skilled Claim Specialists to provide tier one service to the dealer network.

Lauren currently resides in Michigan where she is a wife, Aunt, and Mom to 2 dogs and a cat. She is most proud of her accomplishments within Audi such as attending the One Young World event in Bogota, Colombia and being able to proudly represent Audi globally.

About the Session

Audi’s Partnership With Its Dealers

  • Reshaping and equipping dealer aftersales service departments for CASE
  • Collaborating together to support tech recruitment
  • Driving profit and long-term retention with better ownership processes
  • Ensuring satisfied dealers through clear and consistent policies

Claims Adjudication: How Do You Choose What Claims To Review?

  • Selecting the right claims to review
  • Reducing warranty over repair

Discussion to include insights from:

Dan Hulkower, Senior Vice President – After, Inc.

Lauren Wehrly, Manager, Warranty Cost Management and Claim Administration – Audi of America