Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

About the Speaker

Senior Manager, Warranty
Nissan Motor Corporation

Since July 2020, Paul Rogers has assumed the role of Senior Manager, Warranty at Nissan Motor Corporation. He returns back to Warranty having started his Nissan career nearly 14 years ago as Specialist in the Warranty Call Center. After completing various roles in the Warranty Call Center he left 4 years later for the field.

In the Northeast Region, Paul assumed many roles including Fixed Operations Manager, Aftersales Development Manager and Service Development Manager before accepting the role of Senior Manager Regional Aftersales Northeast Region in 2018-2020.

Paul is anxious to utilize his experience from the field back at the Corporate Offices in his new role. Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA Finance and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University in 2005.

About the Session

Exceeding Customer Warranty Process Expectations Using Nissan’s Goodwill Application Tool


Panel Discussion: Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates & Maintenance

  • Categorizing warranty repair/patches/bug fixes or recall
  • Who pays for them?
  • Is it a trackable warranty repair? Does it count as a Lemon Law countable repair?
  • Reporting best practices
  • Security concerns/global complexities
  • Protecting driver’s privacy preferences