Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

About the Speaker

Director and Industry Advisor - Manufacturing and Automotive

Scott is Director and Industry Advisor for Salesforce. He leads Automotive strategy for North America in Salesforce Industries, and has 30 years of experience as an Industry architect, with expertise in manufacturing, automotive, and high tech. He is responsible for Salesforce Industries’ relationship with several strategic customers and partners in automotive. Scott brings an innovative approach to industry challenges with insight into the market and technological dynamics.

Prior to joining Salesforce in 2014, Scott led the Cloud Computing practice for Oracle’s Global Enterprise Architecture Program. He also served as Chief Architect in Sun Microsystems North American Sales organization and managed World Wide Customer Services for NeXT Computer.

About the Session

Analytics, Data, and Service: Fuel For Connected Vehicle
We are at the cusp of a new era in the automotive industry. Vehicles are getting more connected, electrified, automated, and redefined. Leading manufacturers, their suppliers, and channel partners are focused on connectivity and the ecosystem required to support the connected vehicle of today and tomorrow. Connected Vehicle data coupled with AI and ML technologies can enable real-time decisions based on accurate in-service data down to the component level.

During this session, leaders from Kubota, Tavant, and Salesforce will discuss the new opportunities and challenges emerging from connected vehicles and building effective warranty and service strategies that ensure a seamless aftersales service and customer satisfaction.

Key discussion points:

  • The intersection of connectivity, mobility, and sustainability
  • Role of a robust next-gen platform
  • Service transformation at Kubota

Samantha Horton, Senior Business Analyst – Tavant

Scott Mattoon, Director, Industry Advisor – Manufacturing and Automotive – Salesforce

Chuck Carman, Director, Training and Warranty – Kubota Canada