MAPconnected. Connect. Collaborate. Benchmark.

When you join, you become part of a select group of Motor Vehicle executives who share similar roles across the Service & Warranty Lifecycle at OEMs, Dealers and Tier Suppliers. 

The network represents leading automotive, powersport, bus, truck, construction, and agricultural equipment OEMs, parts and equipment suppliers, their retailers, dealers, distributors, logistics and services providers.

Benefits of being MAPconnected

MAPconnected network members directly benefit from peer-to-peer trusted conversations through coordinated benchmarking events and direct access in the members-only discussion forum. MAPconnected members are rewarded with unrivaled industry perspectives, valuable data and rich connections to forge lasting relationships.

Enjoy exclusive benefits and resources to share peer-to-peer challenges and insights that inspire and jump-start new processes that:

Enhance quality, productivity and effectiveness

Decrease costs and simplify processes

Strengthen brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

MAPconnected Services

Congregate, connect and collaborate to discuss and share best practices, opinions, ideas and ask questions and feedback in our engagement tool.

Organized knowledge sharing to learn how your organization stacks up against similar organizations.

Educational webinars, conference session recordings and customized services — all designed to support the network experience.

Steering committee provided content and themes provides the overall direction of our events.

Facilitated opportunities focused on collaboration amongst all stakeholders to streamline processes, reduce costs and cycle times and improve quality.

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MAPconnected Membership Packages

  • Exclusive online access to the MAPconnected members-only forum

  • Quarterly job function and topic specific benchmark events

  • MAPconnected engagement tools providing instant feedback to questions and ideas

  • Inclusion in facilitated club studies and survey exercises

  • Members united at the end-of-year MAPconnected Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

  • Customized training and survey design services

  • Access to the official MAPconnected Business Resources and Member Directory

About MAPconnected

Our Mission

Nurturing a network that provides an engaging interactive forum to share best practices across the motor vehicle ecosystem with similar-minded industry peers using the give and take premise. 

Give: you share your expertise and experience, as do your peers 

Take: You receive valuable insights and expertise from your peers 

Our Guiding Principles

  • Unrivalled networking and best practice sharing platform 
  • 100% neutral environment 
  • Members contribute to the program and topics 
  • Receive new insights and inspiration through exchange experiences and ideas between peers 
  • Members follow the code of business conduct and ethics 

MAPconnected is a private organization, owned and operated by MAPCONNECT, LLC.

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