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In our past virtual events and at the annual Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit, we’ve identified a common enthusiasm among enterprises to incorporate AI into their Warranty Lifecycle. However, for many, the initial steps have been gradual and replete with learning opportunities.

In this new session, we will focus on practical implementations, presenting detailed case studies of businesses that are not merely collecting field data but are also utilizing it to initiate targeted preventive measures.

We invite you to join our peer-to-peer discussions to explore the transformative power of AI on the Warranty Lifecycle and to discuss best-in-class ways to harness your data to its fullest potential.


Facilitator: Kreg Kukor, Principal & Chief Engagement Officer MENTOR SYSTEMS


Kreg has held positions as Chief Engagement Officer and Owner of Mentor Systems LLC, Divisional Vice President, and Director of Global Supplier Quality. Kreg has dual American & Canadian citizenship with extensive experience in Global Quality and Operational Management. Kreg’s career spans from Europe, USA to Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan and India. Known as a visionary within Global Quality Management Community for work with high technologies, AI and web-based solutions that drive speed of information and actions reducing cost and driving sustainable solutions. Kreg is committed to creating a culture of excellence, quality, service, and profitability. Kreg is a published author and nationally recognized speaker on leading Global Management and Risk Management topics including web-based Global Quality Management Systems.​

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