The Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit Is The Must Attend Annual Gathering For All Warranty, Service And Aftercare Stakeholders

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Members-Only Community!


When you join, you become part of a select group of Motor Vehicle executives who share similar roles across the Warranty Chain Lifecycle.

Our community and live forum connects people to a dynamic network of information sharing to provide unparalleled opportunities to understand relative performance and help our members make more efficient and informed warranty service lifecycle decisions.

35+ NEW Motor Vehicle companies got MAPconnected in 2022!

connected Member Network Participants

Includes Motor Vehicle executives responsible for the design and execution of Warranty, Recall, Aftersales, Technical Services,
Customer Care Management and Support Services.

The network represents leading automotive, powersport, bus, truck, construction, and agricultural equipment OEMs,
parts and equipment suppliers, their retailers, dealers, distributors, logistics and services providers.


  • Connect about successes, failures, case studies, new ideas and current trends
  • Collaborate through brainstorming, asking and answering questions, building on each other’s ideas, and staying informed on emerging developments
  • Benchmark proven practices, insights, lessons learned, and practical suggestions through material in threaded forum discussions, conversations, and interactions

More connections. More collaboration. More benchmarking.

Much more than an annual conference


  • Exclusive online profile access to the MAPconnected members-only community forum
  • Quarterly job function & topic specific virtual benchmarking round robins
  • Engagement tools providing instant feedback to questions and ideas: Year-round 24/7
  • Inclusion in facilitated club studies & survey exercises
  • Customized training and survey design services for your requested topics
  • Members united at end-of-year Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit
  • Access to the official MAPconnected business resources & member directory



Congregate, connect and collaborate to discuss and share best practices, opinions, ideas and ask questions and feedback in our engagement tool.

Facilitated Benchmarking & Networking

Organized knowledge sharing to learn how your organization stacks up against similar organizations.

Specialized Training & Customized Surveys

Educational webinars, conference session recordings and customized on-site benchmark services — all designed to support the network experience.

Virtual &
In-Person Moderated Events

Steering committee and member provided content and themes provides the overall direction of our events.

Customized Collaborative Sessions

Facilitated opportunities focused on stakeholder collaboration to streamline processes, reduce costs and cycle times and improve quality.

The Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit is the must attend annual gathering for all Warranty and Aftercare Stakeholders


Nurturing a network that provides an engaging interactive forum to share best practices across the motor vehicle service and warranty ecosystem with similar-minded industry peers using the give and take premise.

GIVE – you share your expertise and experience, as do your peers
TAKE – you receive valuable insights and expertise from your peers


  • Unrivalled networking and best practice sharing platform
  • 100% neutral environment
  • Members contribute to the program and topics
  • Members follow the code of business conduct and ethics
  • Receive new insights and inspiration by exchanging experiences and ideas between peers



“The event was well organized with great topics and the occasional interjection of humor. An excellent representation of auto manufacturers and suppliers and dealerships.”

Ford Motor Company

Warranty Systems Integration Specialist

“Experts and professionals representing many facets of the automotive warranty industry were in attendance sharing best practices and success stories. Speakers presented on useful topics of interest to me as Tier 1 OEM supplier. Excellent networking and knowledge sharing all around. Highly recommend.”

Magna Seating

Lead Product Engineer

“Great environment to share and learn from others in the industry – real problems – real solutions!”

Kenworth Truck

Director of Warranty

“This was an extremely informative event that I highly recommend to anyone in the Warranty, Aftercare and Fixed Operations sectors.”

MSX International

Warranty Operations Director
& 5pp team!

“First time to conference and found all aspects very insightful and relevant to my work. Great place to connect and network with various people involved with warranty.”

Sensata Technologies

Quality Director & 4pp team!

“There are many conferences to which I am invited each year. The MAPconnected Warranty Conference is the one I never want to miss. I always come back with new innovative ideas that I can implement.”

WD3 Automotive


“Great conference, tremendous takeaways and learnings regarding what my direct peers are doing.”

Volvo & Mack Trucks

Warranty Program Manager & 3pp team!

“MAPconnected is a great network to keep the pulse on the Automotive Warranty world. The collaboration among its members is of incredible value to General Motors, and ultimately benefits our customers, by delivering high quality products and exceptional warranty service.”

General Motors

Warranty Performance Supervisor