Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

About the Speaker

Vice President, Competitive Quality Benchmarking
We Predict

A 33-year veteran of the auto industry, Renee joined We Predict in 2017 to lead the product development and implementation of the industry’s first competitive automotive warranty benchmarking practice. She works closely with automotive manufacturing, supplier, insurance, and industry partners to provide predictive capabilities including connected car, telematics, warranty, and safety risk mitigation. Renee has a wealth of experience as the former VP of U.S. Auto Quality at J.D. Power, and as the former Quality Data Director with GM – where she worked for 28 years serving in global and international roles.

About the Session

True Cost of Service – are EVs really less?

“Cost of ownership” is typically based on a combination of guesses on top of assumptions. But what does it really cost to keep a vehicle in top working condition – safe, operational and on the road – once it’s sold and as it ages? We Predict’s Deepview True Cost report analyzes data from over 83 million repair orders for 19 million vehicles covering $20 billion in service costs to answer that question and many more, including:

  • What are the trends on maintenance, unplanned repairs, and campaign-spending?
  • How does brand service spending compare over time?

Electric vehicle performance has been of particular interest with the flood of new all-electric plug-ins in just about every auto manufacturer’s pipeline. We Predict Vice President Renee Stephens will share insights on actual dollars spent on EV repairs compared with gas models, look at the most frequently replaced parts, how labor time and cost is affected by the new technology on these models, ultimately answering the question: do EV’s really cost less to service?