Round Robin

Data Collection Collaboration to Support Parts Return Process Members

Come prepared to share best practices that help improve collaboration to get to root cause and corrective action sooner in the parts return process.

Subtopics to be discussed in Benchmark Round Robin:

  • Receiving warranty returns:
    • Should parts be sent directly to supplier or to OEM first?
    • Should suppliers be made aware of each part that is received or wait until 25 parts are received? Does the OEM perform any prescreening of warranty returns before informing supplier parts have been returned?
    • What works better for emerging issue identification? First 25 part sample or ongoing part sampling from dealers?
  • Initial testing
    • What type of bench testing can/should be done at OEM with or without Supplier participation?
    • Should supplier make test equipment available to OEM so testing can be done at OEM site?
  • Data
    • What type of information should be made available from the OEM to OEM AND Supplier at initial testing?
      • Warranty claim info
      • Vehicle history
      • Vehicle build date and location
      • r/1000 on this concern
      • Is there an open concern on this issue?
      • Telematics data
      • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) found at time of service for electronic componentry and/or engine systems?
    • What information should be made available from the Supplier to the OEM and Supplier at initial testing?
      • Part build date and location
      • Open issues on this concern
      • R/1000 on this concern
      • Any like issues from other OEMs
    • How can we improve the process?
      • Where are test results stored?
      • Supplier and OEM collaboration within the same system
      • Use of photos
      • Ability for OEM and Supplier to interact with dealer technician AT THE TIME of vehicle repair for high cost warranty items?
    • Discussion on the use of Photos
      • Can it replace physical part return or just supplement physical part return
      • When will photos work / won’t work
      • Should OEMs enable video conferencing for suppliers in other regions to join and see review live?

Post-event, the group will gain access to further dialogue in a private group within the MAPconnected Members Network Forum. This will provide a platform for continued engagement and collaboration.