Warranty Shouldn’t Be So Hard.

Imagine a world where immediate feedback is the norm and best practices are exchanged fluidly.

That’s our goal. We connect warranty and aftercare companies of all sizes to share real-world experiences, jointly tackling issues and discovering smarter ways to work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture a professional network that provides an engaging interactive forum to share best practices across the motor vehicle service and warranty ecosystem with similar-minded industry peers using the give and take premise.
You share your expertise and experience, as do your peers
You receive valuable insights and expertise from your peers

MAPconnected Network

Our community and live forum connects people to a dynamic, information sharing network - providing unparalleled opportunities to understand relative performance and help make more efficient and informed warranty service lifecycle decisions.

Open Collaboration

We balance open communication with corporate sharing guidelines; encourage diverse perspectives, and actively connect members for collaboration.

Trusted Community

Members are connected by shared values and a commitment to mutual respect. Trust is built through consistent actions and open communication.

Continuous Learning

We strive to remain at the forefront of stakeholder concerns, leading-edge processes, and technological advancements to cultivate a vibrant learning environment by leveraging our robust platforms for knowledge exchange.

Actionable Insights

Crafted by our members, our event and survey agendas are tailored to deliver insights that are precise and relevant empowering our community to implement impactful actions that yield swift and tangible results.

Join to leverage these benefits and drive your business forward.

Our Guiding Principals

  • Unrivaled networking and best practice sharing platform
  • Unbiased - 100% neutral environment.
  • Members contribute to the program and topics.
  • Members follow the code of business conduct and ethics.
  • Receive new insights and inspiration by exchanging experiences and ideas between peers

Meet MAPconnected!

Passionate Leaders Building a Connected Future

MAPconnected is driven by a team dedicated to making your life in the Motor Vehicle Warranty and Aftercare Industry easier. Here's a glimpse into the minds behind the network:

Pam Walter (Founder) :

Pam's vision is at the heart of MAPconnected. As the founder, her passion lies in connecting people and fostering collaboration within the industry. With a strong belief in the power of shared knowledge and expertise, Pam has built a platform that empowers professionals to navigate today's challenges and achieve success.

Our Industry Experts:

Pam is joined by a team of seasoned professionals in the motor vehicle warranty and aftercare industry. Their extensive experience provides invaluable insights that shape MAPconnected's offerings. These experts collaborate with Pam to:

  • Stay Abreast of Industry Trends: They ensure MAPconnected is at the forefront of industry developments, keeping members informed and equipped.
  • Develop Valuable Resources: Their expertise is instrumental in creating insightful sessions, workshops, and resources that directly address current industry needs.
  • Facilitate Meaningful Connections: They play a vital role in fostering connections between members, creating a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and problem-solving.

A Collaborative Spirit

Together, Pam and the team at MAPconnected are committed to building a strong and supportive network for professionals in the motor vehicle warranty and aftercare industry.

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