Round Robin

Deepview True Cost Report: What Is Actually Spent To Keep Vehicles On The Road

One of our Business Partners, We Predict and their strategic partners have completed the necessary legal agreements to bring millions of repair orders across the industry together and provide real, sharable comparisons for the first time in the Deepview True Cost study. With broad differences in markets, practices and allowances, having a fair competitive comparison on service labor is difficult and a metric that manufacturers are typically not allowed to share.

We Predict led an interactive discussion to answer the following questions as they presented their comparative industry review of actual labor costs for service across segments, carlines, model years, and exposure times to our members.

  • Which vehicle segment is the most spent on? What vehicles are incurring the lowest costs?
  • Are competitors paying less for labor or parts on their vehicles in the same segment?
  • Are EV costs lower?

The report covered:

  • Total Cost/Vehicle CPV
  • Total Labor CPV
  • Total Part CPV
  • Total Warranty Labor CPV
  • Total Warranty Part CPV
  • Cumulative Total Labor Cost
  • Cumulative Total Part Cost
  • Cumulative Total Cost
  • % of Vehicles with Repairs
  • Repair Orders per Vehicle