Do You Understand Your Warranty Risk: Interview with Polaris

Warranty Risk Management is the least understood, yet most impactful aspect of Warranty Program Design.

Accurate Cost Per Unit (CPU) forecasts are the foundation of stable prices, right-sized reserves, higher profits, and higher customer satisfaction/loyalty. Yet, nine-times-out-of-ten, they are prone to errors which can lead to unnecessary increases in premiums.

To help you gain a solid understanding of this complex discipline, MAPconnected has teamed up with Polaris Inc. and After Inc. to bring you an informative club event.

This four part discussion that will cover:

Part 1 – Defining the key components of Warranty Risk Management.
Part 2 – Introducing various types of risk structures and the pros/cons of each.
Part 3 – Illustrating how to accurately estimate losses and how errors can significantly impact program profits.
Part 4 – Concluding with a case study on Polaris, a long-time After client. Over the course of nine years, After/Polaris developed a risk roadmap together, that started from a completely outsourced warranty risk management structure and led to the creation of a stand-alone warranty company.