Round Robin

EV Battery Replacement Under Warranty

Our next Benchmark Round Robin event will offer an opportunity to understand relative performance and hear best-in-class processes from your industry peers regarding:

  • What is your battery warranty?
  • If a battery needs to be replaced, what is your procedure? Prior Approval?
  • Do you allow a dealer to order a battery or would a battery have to be released?
  • Do dealers buy batteries for warranty repairs or do you provide with a handling allowance, or something else?
  • Do you have replacement batteries in stock, or are they vendor ordered? Lead time?
  • Do you offer “at home” service for EVs?
  • Do you offer “at home” for warranty repairs?
  • If you offer at home service or pick up the vehicle for warranty repairs, how do you help to reimburse the dealer for tech travel or travel time and expense?

Post-event, the group will gain access to further dialogue in a private group within the MAPconnected Members Network Forum. This will provide a platform for continued engagement and collaboration.