Round Robin

Warranty Data Collection For Claims Reporting

Our next Benchmark Round Robin event offers an opportunity to understand relative performance and hear best-in-class processes from your industry peers regarding:

  • Do you have an enterprise-wide data storage and retrieval system that supports your warranty claim data?
  • In addition to claim data, what other data do you link to the warranty claim?
    • Diagnostic session file data (DTCs, PID) | Telematic data | Returned parts | Tech Hotline | CRM data | Other?
  • Do you have corporate dashboards?
    • Canned reports? What kinds and key metrics?
    • Ad hoc reporting capabilities?
  • Do you make data available to your dealers via a web portal or warranty dashboard?
    • Canned reports? What key metrics?
    • Ad hoc reporting capabilities?
  • Pictures – If you request and store pictures, how do you link the pictures to the warranty claim?
  • When reporting to dealers for your KPIs, what time period do you use?
    • One month
    • Rolling 3 months

Post-event, the group will gain access to further dialogue in a private group within the MAPconnected Members Network Forum. This will provide a platform for continued engagement and collaboration.