Round Robin

Service & Warranty Training Best Practices

Our next Benchmark Round Robin will offer an opportunity to understand relative performance and hear best-in-class TRAINING processes from your industry peers and has been requested by CUMMINS, one of MAPconnected’s early adopter companies, who will be represented by their Warranty Functional Excellence Director.

Round Robin Topics to include:

  • Types of training associated with warranty
  • Do you require training and should you before allowing a claim to be submitted?
  • Are you linking warranty claim payment to technician training?
  • Come prepared to share your Warranty Training Best Practices:
    • Newsletter
    • Guides
    • Help Desk
    • Tips & Techniques
    • Peer Posts

Don’t miss out on this final year-end club event to come together with your warranty and service lifecycle peers, reflect on the past year and discuss best-in-class training strategies.

The new year stands before us, like a chapter of a book, waiting to be written. – Melody Beattie

Start preparing already for your first chapter 2022 by taking advantage of the benefits with MAPconnected’s network. Adopter companies will be rewarded with a full year of opportunities like this to discuss challenges and insights directly with peers either in our nearly monthly virtual club studies, messaging forum, business partner events and end of year roundtable. MAPconnected’s Membership guarantees you the knowledge to jump-start new processes in your Warranty lifecycle strategic roadmap to stay one step ahead of the curve.