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Featured Business Partner, Ubiquiti – CarBeast’s AI makes sense of symptom descriptions and technician repair notes. It then uses that information to find cases similar to the one you’re facing to provide a diagnosis.

Your Intelligent Service Advisor. CarBeast is an AI assistant that [...]

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Featured Business Partner, Midtronics – Types of Training and Certification Required For Servicing EV Batteries

Automotive technicians play a critical role in ensuring the safe [...]

Featured Business Partner, Syncron – Warranty Management and the Path to Better Quality

According to Ford CEO Jim Farley, “Fixing quality is my [...]

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BLOG: Warranty Management and the Path to Better Quality

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October 24-25: Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit, The Henry Hotel – Dearborn MI – Registration is now open!


Fault or Condition Codes…Start Your Year Off Smarter by Getting MAPconnected

Battling with incorrect defect codes? [...]

March & April Virtual Events Announced…. Join To Take Advantage!

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3 Benchmark Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Let the MAPconnected Member Network Broaden Your Reach To Warranty, Aftersales & Aftercare Executives

DIRECT ACCESS Direct access to Warranty Chain, Engineering, [...]

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