More About Our Sponsor, WE PREDICT

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When you know what to expect, you can choose your next move with confidence. That’s why our predictive technology places the future at your fingertips. By analyzing your data and extracting insights, we’re able to make your business even smarter. It’s empowering, it’s intelligent, and it’s the future.

Formed in 2009, We Predict has grown rapidly by using machine learning and unique predictive methodology to assist global blue-chip customers in anticipating and accelerating decisions on product, on market, as well as on financial performance. Our top-notch data scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists and industry experts work together with our clients to explore and gain new insights into where your business is headed, creating the opportunity to course-correct with confidence. Using our service, clients gain insights into huge amounts of data at the touch of a button so they can take action – fast. Some guess. We Predict.