Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts worked for Ford Motor Company for over 33 years. During his career with Ford, he worked with Ford and Lincoln dealerships in 4 different regions of the U.S., assisting with customer service activities and helping dealers in their warranty administration. He led many different, ground-breaking projects within Ford, including leading the initiative to automate Ford’s field organization and helped launch and run Ford’s dealership distance learning network.

Mike has been involved in many different facets of warranty within Ford, including analytics, dealer measurement, and reporting, dealership warranty management, counseling, and auditing. He was Ford’s Global Warranty Strategy Manager and the business lead supporting Ford’s initiative to modernize, globalize and standardize their warranty transactional systems and processes. Ford’s ONE Warranty Solution (OWS) is the benchmark for all other OEMs.

Mike is a member of the Automotive Industry Actions Group (AIAG), an instructor for AIAG (CQI-14 Warranty Management and Warranty 101), and does frequent warranty benchmarking within the industry. He is a speaker at many different warranties and industry conferences.