Survey: Are You Using Module Mileage In Automated Claim Adjudication Process

Our next survey stems from a request at the Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Summit 2022. Utilize our vast network of your direct peers to get your answers using our benchmarking survey services.

This 5-minute survey is designed to identify who is using “module mileage” in their automated claim adjudication process. Answers are confidential and in 2-3 short weeks receive the full results!


  • Automated Claim Processing – When a system is used to process or edit a claim without the use of human intervention.
  • Manual Claim Assessing or Processing – When humans review a claim submitted by dealership personnel, and the human decides to pay, reject, or return the claim.
  • Module Mileage – As obtained from the dealership, directly from one of the onboard modules. Mileage may be obtained through the use of Telematics, dealership diagnostic equipment, or any other upload device.