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Solving the Operational Data Gap for Warranty Cost Control

In this free webinar we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of proactive analysis of warranty claims by “participating” in the repair and diagnosis process.  Salim Murr, Strategic Advisor to Atheer, and longtime former Technical Services & Warranties Department Head for BMW will guide the discussion of this human centric strategy for warranty cost control. Core to this strategy is the capture of environmental and technician data collected during the repair process to validate warranty claims and support invoicing.

We will discuss the overall approach, challenges with implementation, technician and dealer adoption, & how this strategy can reduce warranty costs.

Signup below to participate. All attendees will be requested to complete a 6 question survey where the results will be revealed to kick-off the interactive discussion. And as an added bonus Atheer is also throwing in a three (3) month Proof-of-Concept trial for MapConnected Network attendees that participate in survey and join in the discussion!

About the Speaker:  Salim Murr joins Atheer as a Strategic Advisor after a decades long career at BMW where he has held department head for technical services and department head of warranties positions. He is an accomplished engineer, with well-honed leadership and business skills. Proven track record motivating cross functional teams to improve product quality and Aftersales process quality and to increase automotive recall completion rates; a specialist in creating greater customer and dealer satisfaction. He has introduced state of the art digital tools in Aftersales, improving technician efficiency and technician retention, as well as workshop productivity and profitability.

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