Join us for Pre-Summit Workshop to benchmark these important topics:

This session is designed to be highly interactive.  Participants are invited to bring case studies on each of the discussion topics and other special edits that they would like to share where they have previously implemented a similar tool.

For companies who have not yet implemented these tools, they will be able to discuss benefits, savings potential, and implementation strategies without rebuilding your entire warranty system.

Advanced Edits and Associated Implementation Strategies 

Round Robin Topics:

  • Risk score
    • How you can assign a score, like a FICO score to each claim to determine the degree of risk that a particular claim represents
    • The risk score is a combination of from the claim as well as from the dealer who submitted the claim
  • Cost per repair comparison
    • How to implement a strategy where each claim is compared to other claims from other dealers who are doing like repairs on like vehicles
    • Feedback provided to dealers using this strategy will help dealer management spot over repair situations and add-on repair situations
  • Eliminating variance
    • Why does one dealer submit a claim for $300 and another dealer, doing the same repair, submit a claim for $700?
    • This type of analysis will help OEMs identify and reduce the number one reason for warranty waste or overspend
  • Linking to telematics
    • We will discuss how to utilize data obtained directly from the vehicle or from the dealership diagnostic tools to adjudicate claims
  • Technician training
    • Do you ever feel like you are paying to train your dealerships’ technicians through trial and error with their warranty repair attempts?
    • We will discuss how to link your warranty claim payment system to your technician training data base so you are only paying trained technicians to perform warranty work
    • Further discussion will revolve around training certifications, training paths, edit deferrals, and differences between individual technician training and shop certification
  • Prior approval
    • Probably the number one tool for improving quality and reducing warranty expense
    • How can you set up an effective prior approval strategy to only look at a claim ONE time and make sure you are only paying what you previously approved

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