Join us to discuss: Automated claims processing rules & best in class processes 11:00 – 12:00pm ET.  Open to all OEM & TIER 1 MAPconnected Members!

To be discussed:

  1. What percentage of claims do you manually review versus auto/system review and pay?
  2. How do you determine, or how does your system determine when a claim should go to manual assessing?
  3. How does your system determine “outliers”, or high risk claims?
  4. What is your most effective system rule or edit for helping to control warranty costs and identifying improper claiming?
  5. Do you utilize any type of a risk score (like a Fico score for credit) for each claim?  How?
  6. Does your system compare each claim/repair to an “average cost per repair” for like vehicles?
  7. Do you link your claim payment system to session file reports, DTC data, or telematics data for automatic processing?  How and in what ways?
  8. Most systems have “Claim Types”, but do you use repair templates which would auto-populate the claim with the proper bill of materials based on the vehicle?
    1. What advantages do you offer the dealer for using the appropriate template?
    2. How do you ensure that the appropriate parts were actually used?