REAL VARIABLE has developed platform, products and solutions that enable seamless multi-party collaboration for industries viz. Automotive, Logistics, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Equipment and Pharmaceuticals.

REALWARE accelerates partner on-boarding at 1/3rd time and cost vis.a.vis traditional approach.
REAL VARIABLE’S Full range of products cater to business benefits across valuechains.

1. REALCOLLAB – Supplier Collaboration addressing Cost of Poor Quality
2. REALTRACEABILITY – Traceability addressing Lifecycle of parts using Digital Threads
3. REALDEMAND – Demand chain collaboration addressing last mile delivery assurance
4. REALWARRANTY – Multi-Tier automated Warranty cost recovery addressing cost and value of recovery.

With clear business benefit analysis combined with cost of digital technology adaption for each use case, we differentiate by bringing Functional domain expertise with technology leadership. REAL VARIABLE has 12+ global clients to its name using multi-party collaboration solutions in live environments.

REAL VARIABLE has offices in USA and INDIA delivering value to clients across the globe.