We are the founder and future of analytics.

It all began when curious minds set out to answer some big questions. Is there a better way to analyze data? How can we turn data into intelligence? Who might benefit from our technology? With a passion for analytics, our founders saw lines of code as the key to something extraordinary.

Now, more than four decades later, SAS has thousands of employees and customers worldwide. We analyze billions of rows of data every second that change the way people work and live.

SAS technology solutions help meet the needs of organizations in practically every industry, regardless of size. Because our experts have deep industry knowledge, we understand unique challenges and can accelerate time to decisions.

With better fraud detection software, banks can keep money safe. With better demand planning, manufacturers and retailers can keep shelves stocked. With better predictive analytics, governments can meet the needs of citizens. And with better health care analytics, hospitals can improve care and save lives.